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The Spirit of Giving Giving and charity are the central points of the holiday, and many Christmas movies reflect that: In A Christmas Story, all Ralphie wants is a Red Ryder BB Gun. He is consumed by this desire, despite the inherent dangers of the gift, because he is only thinking of himself. Eventually his wish is granted, but it quickly turns on him, thus illustrating that selfishness is not the true meaning of the holiday. Behold, the rotten face of avarice! Similarly, in Die Hard, all that our protagonist, John McClane, wants is a peaceful holiday with his estranged wife; he too is only thinking of himself. But, unlike the selfish Hans Gruber who only wants to take, McClane eventually learns that giving is its own reward. in that he bakes a lovely bullet casserole for every god damn foreigner he sees. He becomes so charitable that, by the end of the film, he even presumably gives it hard and fast to his ex wife in the back of the limo, despite her most closely resembling an orangutan with a jerry curl. By the end of the film, Stewart finds that his life really does have meaning and importance by virtue of his worth to the community around him. Though he faces some personal trials, Stewart realizes that it's the intangible things love, friendship, and faith which are truly important. Pictured: The heart warming aftermath of attempted suicide In Die Hard, John McClane faces his own trials by virtue of his fear of flying. A nearby passenger with a dim grasp on foot anatomy advises McClane to toss away his shoes in favor of 'making fists with his toes' as an antidote to the fear, and he reluctantly takes the man's advice. Both It's A Wonderful Life and Die Hard espouse the same philosophy, that you shouldn't take things yourself, your value to the community, shoes for granted, it's just that Die Hard does it in a much more effective way: With extravagant torture! A Charlie Brown Christmas doesn't teach Charlie Brown the meaning of the holiday by putting lit cigarettes out on his face until he learns to appreciate warmth, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer doesn't that learn that everybody is special in their own right by being thrown into Auschwitz, and The Santa Clause doesn't teach Tim Allen that he should've loved his son more by skinning him alive and covering him in ants. "Some people don't even have a warm home at night, Charlie Brown! I'LL CUT YOUR FUCKING FACE UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND!" Die Hard is simply willing to go much further willing to violently ream its characters in every orifice of their soul, if necessary just to impart the true meaning of Christmas.3. The Importance of Family All notions of giving and receiving aside, many movies hold that the real purpose of Christmas is to emphasize togetherness and family. We are here to appreciate our loved ones and bask in the glory of community, they say, regardless of our material possessions. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas learns this lesson when, after stealing all the presents in Whoville, still finds the Whos singing actually singing! and just grateful to be together on this holy day. Through the adversity of others, the Grinch learns family is most important, and his heart grows three sizes that day. at which point he immediately drops dead from an over enlarged heart. I don't know why everybody gives him so much shit. His grouchiness was a medical condition! In Die Hard, the giant blonde terrorist, Karl, learns that all the untraceable bearer bonds in the world are not nearly as important as his dear brother. Unfortunately, he learns this after John McClane casually murders his sibling in the face until dead. Karl is so overcome by vengeance and grief at this realization that he abandons all thoughts of self preservation and dies futilely trying to kill Bruce Willis. He was so torn apart by the loss of his family that he wasn't thinking logically, and was killed much easier. So you see, John McClane also knows family is the most important thing; that's why he makes sure to take them out first. Giant, Blonde, Dead Karl: A man that valued family above all else. 2. All Glory Be To Christ Christmas is, by and large, a celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is a day to give all acknowledgement and glory to the lord. Bruce Willis screams "Jesus fuckin' Christ!" like eighty times in Die Hard. That counts. Mark that shit.1. Faith And Miracles Which brings us to the final theme of the holidays: Faith. Whether that faith is in Our Lord and Fuckin' Savior, Jesus F. Christ, the goodness of human nature, or even just the existence of Santa Claus belief in a greater force is an integral part of the Christmas experience. For example, in Miracle on 34th Street, Susan Walker learns that Santa Claus is real, because her unwavering belief in him makes him so. "Now I have a Machine Gun. Ho Ho Ho" Die Hard, likewise, is absolutely riddled with Christmas Miracles: Hans Gruber has absolute faith that the FBI will cut the electricity to Nakatomi Plazaandthey do it right on schedule, Argyle has faith that he'll be the first jive talkin' black sidekick in cinematic history not to die a horrible, disposable death, and he is (controversially) still alive as the credits roll, while John McClane regularly demonstrates remarkable faith that the laws of physics will temporarily suspend themselves every time he calls somebody a motherfucker, and he pulls off so many reality bending shenanigans I'm almost certain he was using hacks. Unlike other, slightly less terrorist based Christmas movies, however, in Die Hard having faith let's you bungee jump through explosions on a fire hose, hurl office chairs that detonate with the force of an atomic bomb, and hang Germans with lengths of industrial chain. Unless there's a deleted scene in Miracle where Susan Walker parachutes through an inferno on the American Flag, DieHard's faith makes all other faiths look like pussies. Pictured: The most moving example of personal faith you will ever see. So when it comes time to choose that Christmas classic for the family to gather 'round this year, take your lessons from John McClane and make it Die Hard. If you run into any resistance, simply strip down to a tank top, accuse everybody present of copulating with their mothers, and shoot somebody two dozen times in the groin. Bruce Willis has done it in literally every movie he's been in, and look at him! He grew up to be Bruce Willis! You can pre order Robert's book, on Amazon, or find him on Twitter, Facebook and his own site, I Fight Robots, or you can come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs!.

Wearing a garter belt, whether for a special occasion or for everyday wear, is not something a person is born knowing how to do. Wearing a garter belt effortlessly is something a person has to learn, fortunately it is easily learned. Believe me, once you get the hang of it, you definitely won't want to go back to plain pantyhose. Wearing a garter belt feels sexy and the first step in learning how to wear a garter belt comfortably is to make sure you have the right size garter belt for your body. Too tight and you will be self conscious about lines, too loose and you will worry about the garter belt falling off. Generally speaking garter belts run from small to extra large, so to be sure take a minute to measure yourself. The rule of thumb is to measure around your waist, just below your navel as that is where the belt will sit. Also it is important to check with the manufacturer as sizes can sometimes vary. Once you know the size, pick out a garter belt that suits your style. Some people prefer to be a little naughty and go with saucy black and red, while many others prefer a more demure style, choosing a feminine pink and cream look. Which ever your preference, be sure to be comfortable and confident with your choice. With the garter belt in hand, you are ready to learn how to properly wear it. Garter belts usually hook together in the back or on the side and once fastened, simply rotate the garter belt into place so that the straps hang evenly on the front and back of the thigh. Once fastened, the belt should sit just below the navel, with the straps hanging loose. At this point put on panties, if you choose to. Most garter belts are sold with matching panties that are made especially to be worn with the belt. Making sure you have the right stockings to wear with your garter belt is equally important. They must be designed to wear with garter belts. Simply start with the toe and gently roll the stocking up the leg to the point where they meet the straps. Once in place, just take the clips at the end of the straps and fasten the stockings into place. Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt ,Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Light Bone Vivid Orange Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt Godlen Goose Superstar Blue Bling Bling Nike Free 3.0 Light Bone Reflective Silver Iguana Green Men Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Dark Grey Wolf Grey Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Wolf Grey Reflect Silver Blue Glow Men Nike Free Run 3.0 V4 Tiffany Blue Quilted Women Nike Free Run 3 Wolf Grey Prism Blue Volt A BRUSH with a ghost did not stop a Rochdale curry chef launching his new restaurant set in a 400 year old grade one listed Tudor house in Samlesbury. Farooq Ahmed, who also owns the Veenas in Heywood, said he had heard that the building was haunted but did not expect to encounter any spirits so soon at the Tamarind Tree on Cuerdale Lane, Samlesbury. Only days before the opening, Farooq said he was out late at night putting some finishing touches to the building with some members of staff, when a white figure brushed past his leg. When he turned around, he saw a white breezy figure run across the road and disappeared into the fields. Said Farooq: "It looked like a man but some of the staff said they thought it was a woman. "It did freak us out but we have not seen it since. "I have heard that the place is haunted but didn't think i'll encounter any ghosts so soon." During the official launch party, seven mayors from Greater Manchester and Lancashire were invited to sample some of dishes on the menu before they were given a tour of the place. The restaurant is a former 16th Century farmhouse. It was built by a fervent Catholic and supporter of Mary Queen of Scots, Sir John Southworth who also owned the spooky 14th Century manor house, Samlesbury Hall, which is also reported to be haunted by the 'White Lady'. With the accession of Elizabeth 1 to the English throne, the tide had turned against Catholicism, the faith was forced underground, masses were held in secret and priests were persecuted, Southwark is reported to have harboured Father Edmund Campion in a cleverly concealed priesthole at the farmhouse, then known as the Lodge. Campion was later arrested and tortured. He was charged with having plotted rebellion abroad and was condemned to death. He was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn. Farooq is not sure whether the white figure he saw was the 'White Lady' or even Campion's spirit, but he feels the history of the building only added more character and charm to the restaurant. "I find it all really fascinating. If you feel we have made an error in a report, or have fallen below our usual high standards, please write in the first instance to: Rob Irvine, editor, Manchester Evening News, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8EP. Free morning newspaper, The Metro, published every weekday, is also part of our portfolio, delivering more than 200,000 readers in Greater Manchester. Greater Manchester Business Week is the region's number one provider of business news andfeatures, targeting a bespoke business audience with 12,687 copies every Thursday. Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt,Well after reading the press release for the CA it has me rethinking that carseat. I have a 2011 ford fusion even with towels and noodles i cannot get it to a 45 degree angle and my DD is already 32 inchs tall at 9 months so i dont think it will last until she is 2 years old. What would you ladies recommend for a 22lb 31in 9 month old that would fit in a 2011 ford fusion and a 1995 toyota corolla. I want to RF as long as possible. i dont have a very big budget around 100.00 (i just spend 180 on her carseat 3 months ago) Frankly I would just use the CA if you are comfortable with it since you already have it. Your child is no where near outgrowing the seat even with their stupid 40" rule so I would keep using it since you are needing to watch the $ and this one is paid for. If not, then sell it and get a MyRide or Truefit or Radian. Even my GIANT baby YDS that was 33lbs at 29M old is only 41lbs and 42" tall at 4 yrs old. Kids really start slimming down once they start "running" and their rate of growth tapers off too. ETA look at the Triumph65lx as well I'm not a CPST yet so I get to recommend what I want, still. LOL! Ok, well I'm not actually going to recommend that you go against the MFG instructions, but I will tell you that right now I will probablychoose to install my CA65 at an angle more upright than 45 when I pass it down to DD sometime in the next couple of months. Right now it's being used FF for a 5 yr old so I have some time to think about it, and I might reconsider after I take my CPST course next month. I think if I were in your shoes I would just go ahead and use the CA65, install it as reclined as I can still comfortably get it to fit in my car, and worry about the height restrictions later. The leg length just really doesn't logically make sense why it would make any difference in safety, so I'd probably continue to go by how much shell height is above the head as my height guideline as well. In every other seat on the market, it's actually safer to have the child more upright than 45 after there is good head control. Until I'm proven otherwise, I'm going to be conceited and say I think I know better than Dorel on this one.

The Lowest Price Welcome To Buy Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt,Women Nike Free Run 3 Hot Punch Neon Pink Volt Quilted Canon develops world's first 120 megapixel APS H CMOS sensor "Canon has announced it has developed a 120 megapixel 29.2 x 20.2mm APS H CMOS sensor the same size used in its EOS 1D series of professional DSLRs. The sensor, for which Canon has announced no production plans, has a pixel count nearly 7.5 times larger than the company's highest pixel count commercially available sensor. It offers full HD recording (using 1/60th of its surface area) and can deliver 9.5fps continuous shooting. This follows a 50 million pixel sensor of similar format the company developed in 2007." GREAT SCOTT! Nike Air Mag "Marty McFly" Release? "If this technology is to be used in the form of a Marty McFly inspired sneaker it would be the definition of game changer; the perfect intersection between performance and nostalgia. The movie was set in 2015; is a Nike Air Mag "Marty McFly" release on the horizon?" Why Isn't There A Better Way to Text While Driving? "Texting while driving is especially dangerous, not simply because we're distracted, but because it necessitates taking one's eyes off the road, often for many seconds at a time. Anything done while driving is a distraction looking at an iPod, searching through a purse, even talking on a Bluetooth headset with eyes on the road simply because it distracts us from the task at hand: piloting a two ton machine at speeds considered appropriate for only daredevils and experts just a century before. (Tom Vanderbilt's book 'Traffic' addresses this at length, for those interested in statistics.)" Evolution, not revolution: a look at AMD's Bulldozer "In a presentation today at Hot Chips, AMD unveiled new details of two upcoming microprocessor architectures aimed at the server and mobile markets. Those architectures, codenamed Bulldozer and Bobcat, are AMD's first new from the ground up designs since the original Opteron, and Bulldozer in particular marks the biggest departure from existing hardware since AMD introduced the original K7 back in 1999." Toshiba 3D TV line packs a surprise: No glasses "Toshiba will release a 3D TV that utilizes glasses free, autostereoscopy technology. One newspaper says the 3D sets will hit as soon as the end of the year." 747 8's one million pound takeoff "Boeing engineers stretched the fuselage of the iconic 747 to create the new 747 8 Freighter. The bigger airplane boasts a designed maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 975,000 pounds (442,253 kg), compared to the 875,000 pound (396,900 kg) MTOW of its predecessor, the 747 400 Freighter." Seaswarm "Seaswarm is a new oil skimming system that can autonomously navigate the water's surface. Seaswarm units are self organizing and can clean an oil spill more effectively than current methods. Seaswarm uses a photovoltaic (solar) powered conveyor belt made of a thin nanowire mesh to propel itself and simultaneously collect oil. This nanomaterial, patented at MIT, can absorb up to 20 times its weight in oil. As the flexible conveyor belt softly rolls over the ocean's surface, it propels the unit forward, absorbing oil as it goes." Lifting the veil on the hybrid processor graphics chip in the new Xbox 360 "Microsoft and IBM described the two headed chip that enables the new black version of the Xbox 360 to operate on less power and more quietly than past models of the video game console." Windows Phone 7 Browser Comparison Best Cameras Under $300 "While it would it would great spending $500 or more for a digital camera, getting the most bank for buck makes at lot of sense today or anytime. What follows are 10 digicams that go for less than $300 online or in stores and take great photographs. You won't find any barebones sub $100 cameras here simply because, for the most part, they're not worth it even at the low price. Spend a bit more for a solid camera and you'll have photographic payoff that'll last for years." A tech autopsy of Google's failed communication platform. "In a short blog post on Aug. 4, Google announced that it was pulling the plug on Wave, the "real time communication and collaboration" Web site that the company launched last year. This wasn't a surprise. "Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked," Google explained diplomatically something akin to describing the Hindenburg's last voyage as being a tad bumpy. In reality, Wave had been deserted for months. Although it won a standing ovation when the company first unveiled the program last year, many early users reacted as I did when Wave went live I was instantly turned off by its complexity and by the way it confounded online social conventions. (Especially annoying was its always on "live typing," which revealed your textual fumbles to the world. Thanks, Google!)" Report: Google Testing 'Instant Search' Feature "Ever since Microsoft launched Bing last year, Google has been implementing search features at a fairly rapid pace. Gates is a voracious consumer of online education. Gates replied within minutes. "This guy is amazing," he wrote. "It is awesome how much he has done with very little in the way of resources." " 12 Standard Screen Patterns "As Bill mentioned in an earlier post, we don't want to limit this blog to just the principles and patterns found in the book. For that you can check out our Explore the Book section. In the spirit of that, I want to share an additional set of principles and patterns I have been using for RIA design. While the book takes a much more consumer web site orientation, these concepts are central to enterprise application and web productivity application design and more broad than those discussed in the book." Twitter's not stupid you just have boring friends "I've been having conversations over the past 24 hours about the 'value' of social media. The social transparency and personal profile that this kind of medium affords is one of those things that crops up from time to time in articles such as this one in Techcrunch and this one in Music Think Tank and I find myself ending up defending Twitter, which certainly doesn't need my help." Brilliant Plans to Rescue Dying Industries "Obviously the important thing, in early 21st century America, is to make sure that no fading industry is left behind. If that means bolting outdated technology to new devices and letting consumers pick up the bill, well at least we can make sure that "morning zoo" DJs are kept off the streets and out of trouble." Destroying the Samsung Galaxy S' Gorilla Glass "This image looks crazy, isn't it? As we know, Samsung Galaxy S is made with Gorrilla glass to resistant scrathes on the phone. Evrybody wants to see the demo but no one dare to try the test. Now here is the demo video made by some Korean gyus. Road and Highway Designs: Lessons Learned "Whiling away the hours in roadwork induced stoppages, you might find yourself cursing the traffic engineers and highway designers responsible for your misery. You might praise them for finally doing something about that particularly sticky wicket of an interchange. And you might wonder to yourself, "If there was a perfect highway, what would it be like?" At least that's what we wondered. So we found some of America's worst examples of highway design, and talked to experts in the field to find out what it takes to build good roads." BlackBerry crumble: Why RIM is in trouble " Shares of the BlackBerry smartphone maker have been crushed in the past few weeks, due largely to concerns that its hotly anticipated new Torch phone is not selling as well as hoped. Research in Motion shares have plunged more than 15% just this month and are barely above their 52 week low. " Transforming A School Bus Into A Lab For Sustainable Living "A few months ago, Felicia Ballos and Ray Roy were faced with several major life challenges, namely: the birth of their first child Bowie and dealing with difficult New York living conditions. Opting for more sustainable and mobile living conditions, Ray and Felicia have turned a school bus into a multipurpose home, movie theater, and performance venue. However, their journey, which they are currently filming as a documentary, and new home is not just about a lifestyle change; rather, the bus operates as a potential prototyping lab for many potentially sustainable ideas using open source software/hardware from Arduino to Makerbots." Tech talk video: Computers As We Don't Know Them Oracle, closed minds and open source Netflix versus Redbox: Head to Head (Infographic) Nokia's Effort To Try To Compete With Apple "In another move that shows Nokia's eargness to compete with Apple, the struggling phone company is ramping up efforts to boost software development for the Ovi platform by trying to attract more developers. Earlier today, Nokia announced that it is purchasing analytics firm Motally. "The Finnish company say the acquisition Friday underscores its attempt to improve mobile Web browsing analytics for software developers of its Internet services, that are struggling to match competitor Apple Inc.," the Associated Press reported in its coverage of Nokia's announcement early Friday. The move causes many analysts as Nokia's latest and borderline desperate attempt to bolster the Ovi platform, which gives mobile pone users access to a wide range of downloads, including games, maps, and music." Hacker's Arrest Offers Peek Into Crime in Russia "On the Internet, he was known as BadB, a disembodied criminal flitting from one server to another selling stolen credit card numbers despite being pursued by the United States Secret Service. And in real life, he was nearly as untouchable because he lived in Russia." Women Nike Free Run 3 Total Orange Silver Platinum Volt In addition, Adidas was named to the FTSE Index of Social Responsibility. And it was the only sports goods company that yearly released sustainable development reports since 2000. The sustainable development work of Adidas Group is going to emphasize these aspects below. Adidas, in the first place, want to eliminate materials and handicrafts that are pollutants out by means of development. And it wants to use the sustainable development's materials and practices. In the next place, Adidas is going to apply recycled materials so long as technology permits. Thirdly, Adidas is committed to avoid using PVC in all product categories. Nowadays; PVC is not included in ninety nine percent products. Adidas not only makes investment in sustainable cottons, but also does support as well as infuse fund to "Better Cotton Initiative". This Initiative aims to improve the cotton industry's environmental footprint. Being a section of the environmental protection tactic of the Group, it is promised by Adidas that the whole products are going to apply cottons with better quality. Simon Cartwright added: "The 2012 London Olympic Games let us set a new goal". "In the sustainable development domain, our progress will be accelerated with the help of it". "This kind of process can be seen with our own eyes in the Olympic Games". "Viewers will have a look at the most exciting sustainable development products in the London Olympic Games' tennis match", said him. As a result, you can be well assured at the time you see Murray or Tsonga in the competition. Because waste bottles, such as beverage bottles as well as detergent bottles will be made into polyester shirts that will be provided for them to dress. It is very important for our athletes to wear products of sustainable development. Because many athletes themselves are in favor of sustainable development. Athletes can be at ease, for in order to promote products' sustainable development to the largest extent, Adidas has taken measures what they can take. What's more, the performance of Adidas goods is not going to be influenced with its progressive technology. Although Adidas SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE was not the new style that Adidas launched this year. As for running hobbyists who have to participate in jogging trains in daily life, SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE 4 will be the first selection since it was put onto the market as the "try to run for twenty eight days" redemption activity's flagship model. Compared to the previous support running shoes of the SUPERNOVA series, SUPERNOVA SEQUENCE 4 not only collected all Adidas running shoes technologies' high end configuration and the acceptable price of less than thousand Yuan. It continued the high performance to price ratio advantage as usual. Moreover, with exquisite details as well as all kinds of materials' combination, the technological feeling of the entire shoes was outstanding. There was no doubt that on the professional jogging shoes market of Adidas, it turned out to be the other masterpiece that enjoyed popularity.

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